This page will contain the memoirs of a number of family members. It is still under construction.

Margaretta Deaderick Wendel Spence

This is a letter written by my great-great-grandmother Margaretta Deaderick Wendel Spence, wife of Joseph Spence, to her grandchildren sometime between June 1894 and May 1895. It begins with her marriage in 1853 and tells about her family life in Murphreesboro, Tennessee, and the family's move to Texas in horse-drawn wagons.

Does anyone know of the existence of one of the original hand-written manuscripts of this letter? They would have been passed down through T. R. Spence, Virginia, or one of their cousins -- the grandchildren to whom Margaretta wrote the letter. If anyone has one of these, I would very much like to have a good quality color scan of it. The link below is to a scanned image of a copy typed by T. R. Spence about 70 years ago. It is OCR scanned (although with numerous scanning errors), so you can search it or copy from it.

Letter to My Grandchildren   (Searchable PDF, 1.1MB)

After you have read the letter be sure and read this narrative of a slave owned by Joseph and Margaretta Spence, recorded by Alfred E. Menn in an unpublished book, Slave Narratives, 1937, held at the Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas.

I have in my possession a rather poor quality typed edition of the narrative. I did my best to decipher it, and here offer a retyped manuscript in PDF format.

Narrative of a Slave Owned by Joseph Spence  (Text PDF, 113KB)

Sidney Green Davidson and Mary Elizabeth Kuykendall Davidson

Here are a marvelous series of letters between Sidney Green Davidson and his wife Mary Elizabeth Kuykendall Davidson written in 1861. Sidney is in Austin when the state legislature votes to secede from the Union. He joins the Confederate Army and heads for the frontier where the Confederate Army takes control of the U. S. Army forts used to protect the white settlers from the Indians. There he is commissioned a captain. Meanwhile, back home, Mary is taking care of the home and family including their daughter Laura who will later marry George E. Baugh. This makes Sydney and Mary my great-great-grandparents.

Sidney and Mary keep looking forward to the time when Sidney will get his next leave and be able to come home, but it keeps getting postponed. Sidney writes of the military life and about scouting parties sent out to fight the Indians. Will he ever get his leave and that well-deserved visit with his wife? You will have to read the letters to find out.

The copy linked to below is a PDF image of a typed copy of the letters by Mary Nichols. It has been OCR scanned so you can search it or copy from it.

Letters between Sidney Green Davidson and his wife Mary Elizabeth Kuykendall Davidson   (Searchable PDF, 1.9MB)

Alvin Augustus Bush

These are the memoirs of my grandfather Alvin A. Bush, b. Jan. 22, 1889, father of Sarah Bush Spence who married George Baugh Spence. They are in two parts, "Early Days in Denton" and "My Eldorado Days", and cover the period from his birth to 1929 when he left Eldorado.

The copies linked to below are PDF images of typed copies of the memoirs in my possession. They have been OCR scanned so you can search them or copy from them.

Early Days in Denton   (Searchable PDF, 973KB)
My Eldorado Days   (Searchable PDF, 340KB)

Thomas Reese Spence

These are the memoirs of my grandfather Thomas Reese Spence, b. Sept. 11, 1895, which he recorded Nov. 10, 1972, about his early life in College Station, Texas. It contains interesting information about the early years of Texas A & M University.

The original sound recording in MP3 format is too large for this web site, but can be obtained by emailing Here is a transcript in PDF format.

Thomas Reese Spence Memoir   (Text PDF, 93KB)

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