Genealogies and Family History

This page is devoted to genealogical data concerning the Spence and related families. It is still under construction.

The Baugh Family

This genealogy of the Baugh family is very well researched. It traces the ancestry of William Lovic Baugh (father of George E. Baugh) as well as a great many of William Lovic's direct descendants. It was sent to me by Brant A. Baugh, a great-great-great-grandson of William Lovic Baugh and my third cousin once removed. Brant also sent me a document containing a great quantity of Baugh family history together with citations for the many original sources he used in his research. That document is not posted here, however, due to sensitivities about publishing it on the World Wide Web.

The Baugh Family Genealogy   (Text PDF, 86KB)

The Reese Family

This genealogy of the Reese family is a published book that is now in the public domain in the USA. The book is available in hard cover, soft cover, and digital format and can be found on Google Shopping and It is also on Google Books, but apparently it is no longer publicly accessible there. The link below is to a PDF file that is a photographic image of the book with OCR scanning, meaning that it is searchable. You can also print pages from it, but unfortunately you cannot copy text from it. The connection to the Spence family is as follows. Lucy Reese, daughter of Thomas Sidney Reese, Jr. and granddaughter of Thomas Sidney Reese, Sr. married David Wendel Spence, my great-grandfather. Lucy Reese appears in the genealogy on page 242.

Genealogy of the Reese Family in Wales and America from their Arrival in America to the Present Time by Mary Eleanora Reese, Whittet & Shepperson, Publishes and Printers, 1903   (Searchable PDF, 10.3MB)

The Wendel Family

This history of the Wendel family was written by Margaret Nolen Nichol who married one of the descendants of David Wendel. David Wendel is my great-great-great grandfather, being the father of Margaretta Deaderick Wendel who married Joseph Spence.

The Wendel Family of Murfreesboro, Tennessee  (Text PDF, 91KB)

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