Biographical Information Regarding T. R. Spence as Provided by His Son, G. B. Spence


The David Spence children were 3 in number:

Reese, the oldest, followed in his father’s footsteps and was graduated from [Texas] A&M in Civil Engineering in 1913 and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University in New York.  He held several excellent positions with companies in general construction, and road-building projects.  Later he returned to A&M to be in charge of maintenance and construction of the extensive plant.  After retirement from this position he moved with his wife, Fay, to the ranch of her family near Eldorado, Texas.  Here he started a new career as a rancher and once again by using the scientific approach he made a success in his new venture in the cattle and sheep business.  Fay Baugh, Reese’s wife, came from an old West Texas ranching family.  Unfortunately she developed tuberculosis early in life but with Reese’s support and her own indomitable spirit plus medical advances in combating the ailment she lived beyond her allotted three score years and ten and experienced great pleasure in he two sons and their families.

Among his many other accomplishments Reese served as Family Historian.  His researches into the Spence genealogy provided a wealth of invaluable data and provided the impetus for the present work.

Biographic sketches of both David W. and T. Reese Spence appear in the Centennial History of A&M published by the University Press in 1975.